Question How long will my order take to be delivered?
AnswerThree weeks (excluding bank holidays and weekends) unless there are any issues with stock or delays from The Royal Mail, which unfortunately is out of our control. If you have any further issues please email us at sales@soulgetic.com . Please also refer to deliver and return and exchanges policy.
Question Where do Soulgetic Ltd deliver to?
AnswerCurrently we only make UK deliveries, worldwide orders will be available soon.
Question What happens if I sign up to SGC updates?
AnswerAfter signing up to email updates on our website, you will occasionally receive updates on things we think you may be interested in such as; events, sales or new products. Don’t worry we will NOT spam your mailbox as we understand how annoying that is!
Question Is it safe to use my payment card to pay for SGC products using this site as Im worried about online fraud?
AnswerYes completely, we take fraud very seriously here at SGC and ensure that all card payments are verified before transactions. As a customer you are able to pay through PayPal, debit card and credit card, you are automatically covered through PayPal’s secure payments. If you have any concerns please contact SGC first so that we can work to resolve the matter. If after this you are still dissatisfied then PayPal do offer a resolution service for customers that are dissatisfied with payments or products.
Question How do I get involved with SGC?
AnswerPlease referrer to the get involved tab at the top left of the SGC website.
Question Does SGC hold its own fitness classes/sessions?
AnswerCurrently No, however SGC fitness sessions will be available in the future. At present we only follow and share other people’s fitness sessions. If this interests you please contact us.
Question What if I’m not happy with my order?
AnswerIf you are not happy with your order and would like an exchange or refund, please refer to our Returns and Exchanges Policy.
Question I’m not sure what I want to buy will fit me, how can I be sure?
AnswerWhere there may be any concerns about size, please do not hesitate to drop us an email and we will try to assist as much as possible. Please also read any product descriptions, If there is any issues with size, or you would like to exchange for another size, then refer back to the Returns & Exchange policy. We endeavour to make available a wide selection of sizes for different people as we want a diverse range of people wearing our clothes.
Question What does the Soulgetic logo mean?
AnswerPlease refer to the (what does our logo mean?) blog on our blog page.
Question How can I contact Soulgetic?
AnswerYou can contact Soulgetic via the following methods



Information: info@soulgetic.com

Sales: sales@soulgetic.com


Facebook: Soulgetic

Instagram: @soulgetic , @soulgeticwear,  @soulgeticfood