What is Soulgetic?

Soulgetic is a ‘feel good’ lifestyle brand promoting fashion, fitness, food and music.
The brand was established in November 2015 and works as a movement to inspire people to reach their full potential.

We aim to focus on reaching your full potential

Soulgetic consists of fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, life coaches, creatives, designers & professionals from various industries. As a collective we aim to motivate people to live to their full potential through soul, gains and clarity.

Soulgetic motivates, informs and inspires people to lead active and fulfilled lifestyles based on its core beliefs of S.G.C; Soul, Gains and Clarity.

Soulgetic also loves fashion! Our range of premium, stylish, quality clothing, both casual and workout wear is where its at! As a brand our aim is to expand our range of clothing, provide customers with even more great choice at affordable prices, as well as get more involved with different fitness communities and keep inspiring people to stay fit & live their best life!

Founder - Stella Kityo
Founder - Stella Kityo
Our core values

Soulgetic believes that the soul is the source to everything and through motivation, inspiration and communication, want to help people unlock their passions & discover what gives them soul energy in order to achieve greatness.


Soulgetic works with people who care about their health and want to make positive changes for either themselves or the community. This is done by collaborating with professionals, groups, organisations and everyday people. Soulgetic aims to build a network open to everyone that offers guidance, support and information to help people live balanced fulfilled lives through physical movement/fitness.


Soulgetic represents passion, which means that it is important to interact with the general public, understand people’s mind-set and get to know why people do the things they do. Soulgetic looks for people/organisations that offer, tools, information or support for individuals to better understand their own mind-set in order to make positive change and manifest their desires.