Soulgetic is a brand especially made for women by women.

Our aim is to support and empower women of all types to be the best versions of themselves authentically.

Soulgetic’s founder Stella Kityo is a women’s specialist and has worked with women for over 16yrs in a variety of environments. Stella has been supporting vulnerable women with issues that include housing, finance, substance misuse, mental and physical health, sex work, domestic abuse and emotional wellbeing.

Stella is a Change Agent and focuses in supporting women to make life changes to better their personal circumstances. This is done in several ways, mainly via support planning and risk assessment, structured pathways are created, and women are encouraged to make informed choices. Stella uses motivational speech, affirmations techniques and tools to help women build self -esteem and live authentically.

Stella feels that its important for women to feel independent, capable, and believe that they can manifest their goals, self-esteem is a big part of that and is fundamental in Soulgetic principles.