Ever just found yourself floating along in life and thought to yourself what am I doing?

What’s my purpose? Why am I here? Yeah well I did, I can defiantly say it wasn’t an experience I’m in any hurry to return to!

Sometimes even now I sometimes ask myself those very same questions.

Especially on off days! When things aren’t going my way and the negative self- talk comes into play.

When I reached 30, I kind of reached a point in my life where I really had to examine

MY WHOLE LIFE!  I mean one could say I was in a dark place at the time….one which I didn’t think there was really any return from.

Obviously when people are going through these kind of things, their more than likely not going to have a clear perspective on matters and likely to look at the negative side of things.

I mean when you reach 30 it’s like the clock all of a sudden starts speeding up! You almost feel as if you’re running out of time! Time for what? LIFE!

To do all the things you’ve always said you were going to do, to fix the mistakes in your life that are fixable, to fall in love, travel the world, heck even go bungee jumping, or better yet quit that job you hate, you know the one you dread going to, the one that makes you feel underpaid, underappreciated and dam miserable!

When I was younger, around 9/10, I can remember having such a vivid and wild imagination, I could daydream for days, imagining myself a s a famous actress, singer, humanitarian, writer, artist….the list goes on.  I would close my eyes and just see myself doing those things and enjoying it all.

Anyway after a lot of support from family, I was able to move past that dark period, which is never erased forever, however I came to realise that I was indeed the creator of my own reality.

Although this is a message I had been singing to friends and family for years, I had never really put it into action. I had never really taken the steps to implement the motto into my life. Which is why I often questioned why things didn’t go my way. It was then that I reconnected to my inner child, yes I said it!  I started to IMAGINE-THINK, CREATE & finally MANIFEST things into my reality. I used my SOUL energy to go deeper than I ever had and started living from my heart.

I learned to love myself on a level I never knew existed, I would only be around things and people that that were good for my soul. SOULGETIC.


Author Soulgetic