The circle, from the Euclidean geometry mathematical system, is a closed shape expressed in a simple format. It has no edges, offers consistency and is complete. The Soulgetic circle represents the need for us to connect with our souls in order to become complete and understand our soul purpose.


Lotus Flower

For centuries, over various different cultures, the Lotus flower has had many meanings, however most cultures share some sort of similarity in the way they see the flower. The flower is associated with beauty, purity and is known to represent ‘rebirth’ due to the way the flower comes to ‘bloom’ by retracting into the water at night, and seductively opening its petals in the morning as the sun rises. Soulgetic is passionate about creating and the Lotus flower is a great representation of this.



The triangle being one of the basic shapes in geometry sits in the centre of our logo and its three points connect each of the brands ethos together; SGC; Soul, Gains and Clarity , kind of like the Trinity…we believe it is better and more effective to work as a collective in order to support one another.