Now we all know that it’s scientifically proven that fitness is good for us in many different ways!

Fitness can lower the risks of deadly illnesses, strengthen muscle, help you stay looking younger, make you more happy, increase self-esteem, help with sleep, moods and also help relieve stress and manage depression.

We often overlook exercise/fitness as a prescription, we forget how vital it is for us all round.

I mean think about it, a natural medicine, that’s free, available to everyone, starts working immediately, helps clear our minds, and one that we can prescribe ourselves, at your own pace and in any way we like.

It can really be hard to stick to things such as regular fitness for a variety of reasons which can be different for all of us. The fact is though, once you do let fitness into your life you will see positives in other areas of your life.

You will find yourself more inclined to put in more effort in other areas of your life, most people feel just more satisfied and happy in general.

The G in SGC represents GAINS, this is not only gains physically, but also gains in all areas of a person’s life. I mean lets be real, we all want to gain in some way right?

I think it’s important to set goals with anything you want to achieve, so in terms of fitness I feel it’s vital to write down any goals and set a plan of how I’m going to reach them.

I’m not very good with being consistent so for me it’s always a challenge sticking to any plans I make, which is why fitness has helped me be more disciplined all round. Fitness and regular exercise has allowed me to be more patient and organised in whatever I’m doing in my life. It works as a stress release and helps with focus.  I challenge anyone to add physical exercise/ fitness of all types into their lives for a full month and see the difference it can make, not only physically but also get to experience the positive impact on your mental health. Start today and see the change.


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